Reports, Reviews & Other Useful Documents

Links to useful reports and reviews. Please use the external link where possible

Report Description Author Year External Link Resi Data Link PDF Size
Barker Review of Housing Supply: Interim Report Kate Barker 2003 ExternalResi Data1.2mb
Barker Review of Housing Supply: Final Report Kate Barker 2004 ExternalResi Data0.5mb
Government's Response to Barker Review HM Treasury/ODPM 2005 ExternalResi Data0.6mb
Lyons Housing Review Michael Lyons 2014 ExternalResi Data2.5mb
Redfern Review into the decline of homeownership Pete Redfern 2016 ExternalResi Data1.4mb
Lessons from the past, challenges for the future for housing policy An evaluation of English housing policy 1975-2000 Stephens, Whitehead, Munro 2005 ExternalResi Data0.8mb
Housing and Housing Policy in England 1975-2002 Chronology and Commentary A.E. Holmans 2005 ExternalResi Data0.2mb
The Context for Housing Policy Since 1975 Statistical Time Series With Commentary A.E. Holmans 2005 ExternalResi Data0.4mb
Historical Statistics of Housing in Britain Historical statistical information about housing in Britain A.E. Holmans 2005 ExternalResi Data76.8mb
Prospects for land, rent and housing in UK cities Future of cities: working paper Michael Edwards 2015 ExternalResi Data0.6mb
Forecasting House Prices Office for Budget Responsibility: Working Paper 6 Toby Auterson 2014 ExternalResi Data0.5mb
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